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App-fed pets go hungry for 10 hours

Friday July 29th 2016

Pets went 10 hours without food when a smartphone-controlled feeding device malfunctioned. The $149 (£113) Petnet technology enables owners to feed their cats and dogs while they are not in the house.

But a computer glitch meant that the link between the so-called "smart" feeders and the owners' phones stopped working. Around one in 10 devices went wrong, leaving many animals hungry, The Telegraph reports.

One customer tweeted his sarcastic outrage, saying he had spent a lot of money on an animal feeder that does not work. Petnet has advised its customers to give their pets food "manually" while the glitch is being sorted.

It emailed customers to admit that it is experiencing difficulties with a third-party server. The email added that users may lose their remote feeds and scheduled feeds.

Petnet says that it is investigating the fault and will communicate their findings as soon as there is anything to report. Smart household devices are expected to become more commonplace around the world in the years ahead.

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