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Animal lover turns home into cat playground

Tuesday February 10th 2015

An animal lover has transformed his house to make it the perfect place for his cats. The professional builder, from California, US, has modified his home into a feline playground comprising 46 metres of cat tunnels and staircases plus a special skywalk.

Peter Cohen currently has 14 cats, many of which he has rescued in the area. The moggie dreamland comes complete with platforms, catwalks, perches and hidden closets containing 24 litter trays.

The latter come installed with fans so as to get rid of odours, while portable vacuum cleaners ensure that fur problems are minimised.

The 20-year refurbishment project has cost Mr Cohen an estimated £34,000 to £43,000 on his custom-made tunnels and walks. He reckons his weekly cat food bill amounts to about £90.

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