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Animal charity urged to make improvements

Wednesday June 14th 2017

The RSPCA has been urged by the Charity Commission to improve how it operates.

Earlier this week, the animal welfare and pet charity revealed that its chief executive, Jeremy Cooper, was stepping down from his position. He is leaving the organisation after just over a year in the role.

Following the announcement, the Charity Commission has indicated that the group's governance is still falling below what is expected from a modern charity. It suggested that regulatory action could be taken if improvements are not made.

A representative from the regulator said: " We have written to the charity to make clear that we expect to see a swift action plan against these recommendations, which we will formally monitor, in order to resolve these issues.

"We will consider what further regulatory action may be required should improvements not be made with the necessary urgency."

According to the RSPCA, Mr Cooper has decided to leave his position in order to follow other business opportunities. It added that he has been an "asset" to the charity during his time at the helm.

Shortly after his appointment in the spring of 2016, Mr Cooper said he was keen to make the RSPCA a less political organisation going forward.

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