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Animal charity struggling to find homes for bunny pairs

Wednesday February 22nd 2017

An animal charity is looking to re-home two pairs of rabbits who have been looked over for more than 100 days.

Floss and Flo, a pair of 18-month-old bunnies, and one-year-old duo, Pepper and Pickle, are currently at the Blue Cross animal re-homing centre in Thirsk. But volunteers say they have been overlooked for adoption.

Animal Welfare Assistant Amy Porter said: "It is very said that we haven't had any enquiries about these pairs of rabbits. We don't know what is putting people off.

"Rabbits are social animals who need to live with other rabbits so at least they have each other but we are desperate to try and find them a home."

Sisters Floss and Flo were abandoned outside a veterinary practice in Leeds on Bonfire Night. They were initially adopted by an owner who later found she was allergic and was forced to give them up.

Pepper and Pickle are brother and sister, but despite being from the same family have very different personalities, the Blue Cross has said.

The charity is hoping prospective owners will consider adopting the pair.

The centre is also looking for homes for four baby brother bunnies - Carrot, Cracker, Parsnip and Sprout.

If you're interested in adopting the floppy-eared pets, you can contact the Blue Cross in Thirsk on 0300 777 1540 or email

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