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Angell heralds pet safety warning

Wednesday December 24th 2014

Animal lovers are being urged to pet-proof their homes this Christmas to avoid costly vets bills.

Many people will leave chocolate lying around their homes but it is poisonous to dogs, according to pet shop manager Richard Angell.

Families with pets and small children are also advised to clear away small toys and wrapping paper to stop their pets eating them, according to the Gloucester Citizen.

This could prevent a trip to the vets over Christmas, but it is a good idea for animals to be covered by a good Pet Insurance policy just in case.

Nearly three quarters of pet owners fear their animals will eat something they should not at Christmas, a Tesco Bank survey suggests.

Mr Angell says dogs should not be fed straight from the table as it is often difficult to know what is in food.

He adds that large numbers of visitors can be stressful for pets so it is a good idea to set aside a room where they can stay well away from the festivities.

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