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Andy Murray's dog to 'write' book

Tuesday September 15th 2015

Andy Murray's pet dog has landed a publishing deal that will see her put paw to paper and "write" a book on how pooches can best take care of their owners.

Maggie May will work on the book with "assistance" from Murray's wife Kim Sears, who is also known for her work painting portraits of people's pet animals.

The book is sure to be warmly received by Maggie May's 28,000 followers on Twitter, where the Border terrier is known for her musings on the unique bond between dogs and their owners.

Its working title has been revealed as How To Look After Your Human: A Dog's Guide and proceeds will be donated to animal charities after the release in June next year.

Rachel Williams, of publisher Frances Lincoln, said that Maggie May's experience of training stubborn humans, including her owner Kim Sears, made her the perfect candidate to pen the how-to guide.

She added that Maggie May was adored as much for her valuable life advice as for her witty writing style, which has already won over thousands of fans.

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