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'Affectionate' stray cat needs new home

Monday February 15th 2016

The RSPCA is appealing to find a loving home for an affectionate stray cat found wandering the streets of Sheffield.

Eight-year-old Michonne was brought into the charity's animal centre in December with concerns for her welfare after she was found by an RSPCA inspector.

The short-haired domestic black and white cat looked neglected but is now ready to be rehomed.

An RSPCA spokesman says the "gorgeous" cat is very affectionate and loving but also likes to snooze and nap in her own time. Ideally, the charity is looking for a home with no young children, where Michonne can be given the space and comfort she needs as she heads into her twilight years.

The spokesman adds that Michonne has had a tough time lately and is looking for a fresh start with owners who can pamper, spoil and give her the life that she probably has never had.

The cat is being advertised as part of the RSPCA's Give An Animal A Home campaign, which aims to rehome abandoned, neglected and unwanted animals.

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