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Adecco call centre staff sacked

Monday October 3rd 2011

Union members due to discuss a pay rise with their employers were given a "kick in the teeth" when they were told they were in fact going to lose their jobs.

Members of the Communication Workers Union (CWU), employed in a Liverpool call centre, were scheduled to discuss a pay rise with bosses Adecco. Shortly before the meeting, however, members were told the call centre would be closing, leading to the loss of more than 320 jobs.

Union leaders, who were seeking the first pay rise at the site since 2006, slammed the decision, which has been blamed on Virgin Media's decision to review its call centre operation.

According to the CWU the company has offered to to relocate employees to Swansea - an unrealistic option for the vast majority of staff.

"The closure announcement has come as a complete bombshell, not just to the CWU but more particularly to the loyal members of staff at the Albert Dock site," said CWU deputy general secretary Andy Kerr.

"Many of those who are now facing redundancy had worked for many years for Virgin Media prior to being transferred out to work for Adecco.

"They now find that Virgin Media is kicking them in the teeth by closing the centre after all their loyal service."

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