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Abandoned dog reunited with owner

Thursday July 23rd 2015

A dog has been reunited with her owner after going missing over a year ago.

Ken Ross came forward to claim April, or Amber as he knew her, from the Dogs Trust Ballymena following a media campaign.

The cross-breed went missing from the Ross family home, where she had lived for 15 years, on Easter Sunday in 2014 when she walked out of the garage and never returned. She was abandoned at the shelter in a hot box on April 22 this year.

Staff said April was dangerously dehydrated when she arrived. She also had reduced vision due to ulcers in both eyes, maggots under her fur and a mouth infection, while she was so weak she could barely walk.

Workers had to shave her coat to get rid of the maggots, so put her in jumpers to keep her warm.

Mr Ross, who recognised April from media appeals, said the week of the reunion was a rollercoaster of emotions.

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