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Abandoned Persian cat could only waddle

Wednesday October 14th 2015

A Persian cat is on the mend after being rescued by the RSPCA on the streets of Ipswich.

Patrick - the name given to him by his rescuers - was more like a Persian rug when he was discovered in the Geneva Road area of the town.

His fur was so badly matted around his legs and bottom he was unable to do anything other than waddle, while he was also riddled with fleas and other parasites.

Grooming is so important for Persian cats, said the RSPCA's Kate Cornforth. It keeps their coat in a good, clean condition.

It is not known whether Patrick had simply got lost, or whether his owners had thrown him out on the street.

The RSPCA is in the process of trying to locate his owners in order to find out what happened to the poor puss. Patrick is recovering at one of the charity's rescue centres, having been shaved and treated for fleas.

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