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Abandoned Gazza back with family

Thursday February 26th 2015

A dog that was abandoned and left crying while tied to a post outside Eastbourne railway station is safely back home with his previous owners.

Gazza's plight tugged at the heartstrings of more than 200 people who were all willing to give him a home but Eastbourne Borough Council animal welfare officers managed to locate his owners shortly before they were about to start the re-homing procedure.

The family had given Gazza to someone else for a while because they found themselves unable to look after him but the man they gave him to then abandoned him, a spokeswoman for the council revealed.

She said the council was looking for Gazza's rightful owners and they were sad to hear what had happened to him and wanted to take him back.

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The council checked with the RSPCA if it had any concerns about the case and the response was that it was best to send Gazza back home, the spokeswoman said. The charity confirmed it was not investigating the case.

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