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A third 'regret vehicle choice'

Friday February 25th 2011

Almost a third of people who buy new cars end up regretting their choice of model, a survey has revealed.

According to vehicle comparison website, which questioned 1,000 car owners, 304 admitted that they might have opted for another car if they could turn back the clock.

Engines appear to be the most likely source of unhappiness, with 29% of disappointed motorists saying they would opt for the same car, but one which boasted more under the bonnet.

Meanwhile, 19% revealed that they would like to buy the same car, but with different specifications, and 6% believe they should have bought a different model from the same car manufacturer.

Of the unhappy drivers, 18% admitted they would buy from another manufacturer in hindsight, while 16% revealed they would switch brands but buy a similar car.

Just over one in 10 regretted their choice of colour and 2% said thought they had gone wrong on the body style.

Mat Watson, from, said: "On average our respondents spent just over £20,000 on their new car and so it's very worrying that so many believe they didn't make the right choice."

It is not that surprising that so many people regret their car purchase, as there are 4,427 separate model derivatives on sale in the UK, when considering all the different body styles, engine choices and specification levels available.

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