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A third of dogs 'are overweight'

Wednesday July 28th 2010

More than 30% of dogs in the UK are heavier than they should be, it has been warned.

The warning, from veterinary charity PDSA, comes after almost 30,000 dogs were assessed over the past four years.

The findings showed that many dogs are fighting a losing battle against the bulge - with 35% found to be overweight.

The figure, up from 21% four years ago, is expected to prompt many people to take out pet insurance in a bid to tackle the rising vet bills racked up by their portly pooch.

The PDSA said that if nothing is done to stop the trend almost 50% of dogs could be too heavy by 2013 - and facing a possible early death.

The charity urged people to shake off cute and cuddly associations for their overweight pets and instead focus on the risk it poses to the animals' health.

Senior veterinary surgeon Sean Wensley said: "Overweight pets are less mobile, less willing to play and more likely to develop a number of serious health conditions."

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