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850 jobs to be axed at British Gas

Friday November 18th 2011

Around 850 jobs are to go in management and support at British Gas.

The energy giant announced the plan to axe the jobs only a few hours after bad new employment figures were revealed. It gave its desire to stay competitive and offer the best deals to consumers as the reason in a statement, saying the company had to reduce its costs.

"Household budgets are stretched, customers are looking for maximum value for money. We have therefore reviewed resource levels in our services business, and are now proposing a reduction of around 850 roles," said the statement.

Unison described the job cuts plan as "seriously bad news" on the day it was revealed that more than a million youngsters were now out of work and desperate for jobs.

The losses add to 270 others being made by British Gas in other business areas, making the real total more than 1,100, said Unison's head of business and environment, Mike Jeram.

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