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7ft Great Dane could be biggest pet

Thursday July 28th 2016

Dog owners should soon find out if a 7ft Great Dane called Major is the biggest pet on the planet.

This is the size Major reaches when he is on his back legs. He also weighs 12 stone, the Mail Online reports. But owners Julie and Brian Williams say their three-year-old pooch would not harm a fly.

The Williams, from the hamlet of Penmaen near Cardiff, says the massive hound is not only great with children but also not half as brave as his size suggests.

Major, who has a diet of rice and chicken and is only awake for two hours a day, is now awaiting confirmation from the Guinness Book of World Records to see if he has beaten his two rivals.

The previous record holder for the biggest pet was American George, who died in 2013. Major's two rivals are Nevada-based Rocco and Freddy from the Essex town of Southend.

The Williams have had Major since he was a puppy. The hound sleeps on an adult-sized mattress and is described by Mr Williams as having a heart as big as he is.

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