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725 - taxi fare for a dog?

Tuesday June 9th 2015

Having a chauffeur drive you back home to Britain from an Alpine skiing holiday sounds like the sort of extravagance you may expect from an indulgent, multi-millionaire rock star.

But it is what children's cookery author Annabel Karmel once had to resort to in order to get her pet dog Hamilton back to the UK following a winter break.

Ms Karmel had managed to take the Samoyed out to Geneva on a Swiss Air flight five years ago, but following the week-long family chalet holiday in the French Alps she discovered restrictions meant he could not be flown back into the UK.

Instead, she recalls, she had to fork out £725 to have Hamilton driven back home to London.

UK regulations meant no airline could fly live animals into Heathrow airport before January 2012. They now stipulate that dogs can be brought into the country if they have a valid pet passport and are microchipped.

They should also have been vaccinated against rabies at least three weeks before the flight and been treated for tapeworm.

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