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700 jobs axed by mobile phone giant

Monday May 2nd 2011

Around 700 jobs are being shed in the UK by mobile phone giant Nokia, whose main sites are in London and Farnborough, Hampshire.

The jobs will go by the end of next year as Nokia, which employs around 2,400 staff in the UK, seeks to reduce costs by one billion euro (£886 million).

Most of the jobs will go in the areas of research and development (R&D) and software, said Nokia which is the world's biggest mobile phone maker.

A further 3,000 jobs will be affected worldwide by a move to outsource its Symbian software operations to Accenture, although the group said it was too early to give details of how many UK jobs will be involved. It is also consolidating its R&D sites and confirmed its Southwood office in Farnborough would close by the end of next year.

The Finnish group plans to shut its office in Southwark, London, when the lease expires, with staff there expected to transfer to technology-consulting company Accenture under the Symbian outsourcing deal. Nokia will retain offices in Bristol, Church Crookham in Hampshire, Soho in London, and Cambridge.

The group said the UK was among the worst affected by the global job cuts, alongside Denmark and Finland.

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