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66 people chasing every retail job

Thursday October 18th 2012

Unemployed youngsters are having job applications in the retail sector dismissed within hours of submission, according to new research.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) said that young people are finding it extremely tough to land work, with up to 66 unemployed people applying for every retail job in the UK, while two-thirds of applicants received no feedback from would-be employers.

Researchers from JRF dispatched 2,000 job applications for fictional candidates who boasted at least five good GCSEs and relevant work experience, to more than 650 vacancies advertising roles like sales assistants, office administrators and kitchen staff.

The report found that vacancies were closed to jobseekers within days, and in some cases hours, after being advertised, while there were between 24 and 66 unemployed people chasing every retail opportunity.

They also discovered that only one in four of the advertised vacancies offered regular, full-time, daytime employment.

The findings were published ahead of the latest unemployment figures and followed a similar trend suggesting that long-term unemployment among youngsters has experienced a rapid rise in recent years.

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