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63% of Britons 'would grieve pets like family members'

Monday May 22nd 2017

Close to two thirds of people in the UK would grieve their pets in the same way they would a family member, new research reveals.

The figures, provided by YouGov for the IT firm Aquarium Software, show that 63% of Britons would respond to the loss of their pet in this way.

This stands in contrast to Australia, where reports recently suggested that a quarter of people would miss their mobile phones more than their furry friends.

Mark Colonnese from Aquarium Software said that while mobile phones are important to people in the UK, pet owners still love their animals "as much as ever".

And he added: "The results from Down Under are worrying at first glance, but I would expect a very different answer if the survey had been worded slightly differently."

Mobile phones can still play an important role in the lives of pet owners, with Mr Colonnese noting that these devices can support the process of managing Pet Insurance.

He said: "I don't think we need to give our dogs a phone just yet, but the [insurance] industry needs to be aware that for many pet parents, the smartphone is the preferred comms option."

This article was written on behalf of helpucover. helpucover is a trading style of Pinnacle Insurance plc, an insurance company who offers Pet Insurance.

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