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50,000 gift to stricken dogs' home

Tuesday September 23rd 2014

A £50,000 pledge has been made to Manchester Dogs' Home with the money going towards the rebuilding of its centre after the recent trag ic blaze.

The money, from the charity Support Adoption For Pets, comes in addition to more than £1.4 million which was donated by the public through an online fundraising pledge.

The charity's manager, Amy Wilson, said it has co-ordinated drop-off zones at each Pets At Home store around the UK and is in regular contact with the home in Manchester to ensure it gets the necessary help. Pets At Home is also donating food and blankets.

Support Adoption For Pets made "a huge donation" which is much appreciated, said Lisa Graham, manager at the dogs' home. She went on to describe the contribution as "truly overwhelming" and also praised the community in Greater Manchester for its support.

The charity has helped more than 1,000 rehoming centres and animal welfare groups since it was set up in 2006, through grants as well as fundraising with Pets At Home

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