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4x4s lead used car market prices

Friday October 8th 2010

Luxury executive models, 4X4s and supercars are the best-performing vehicles for price in the used car market, new figures have claimed.

The latest Used Car Price Index from CAP showed that 4x4s are 7% better off for trade values in 2010 than a year ago. Supercars, like the Ferrari F430, are up 3.2% on September last year while luxury executive models, such as the BMW 5, are ahead by 1.8%.

Every other type of car is now valued less than a year ago, according to the study. Superminis are down 13.1% and city cars have fallen by 12%, with mini MPVs (10.2%) and lower medium (10%) both reducing in value as well.

The market, as a whole, showed a reduction on September 2009, tumbling by 6.6% after a period from April this year which saw prices fall considerably.

Mike Hind, of CAP, said: "Many dealers have been forced back out into the open market to buy used cars and this demand for stock has stemmed the decline in values. Consumers with a well-looked after car looking to trade up to a better one will find some very strong deals on offer in the next few weeks."

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