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3m centre to treat sports injuries

Wednesday July 27th 2011

A new £3 million national research centre has been launched to investigate the development of arthritis from sports and exercise, which could help cultivate new ways to treat and manage injuries.

The National Centre for Arthritis from Sports and Exercise will coordinate the work of leading experts to undertake research into the risks associated with specific sports and how best to reduce these risks.

Information will be gathered from British athletes, including those who took part in the London Olympics in 1948, such as diver Edna Child and hockey player John Peake.

Other sports stars who will be providing extensive information will include Beijing 2008 Olympic rowing champion Zac Purchase, as well as athletes taking part in the London 2012 Games.

The athletes will be seen discussing both modern-day and post-war diets, pain and injury concerns, mobility issues and joint problems related to ageing.

Researchers have also spoken to some 3,000 members of the public about their health worries.

Arthritis Research UK will make available £3 million for supporting the centre over the next five years to help it to work on new recovery techniques and potential surgical and pharmacological interventions.

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