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32 shops close per day, says survey

Monday October 22nd 2012

A slump in consumer spending has resulted in more than 30 shops closing every day in the UK, a survey has revealed.

The study of 500 town centres showed that retailers shut 32 per day in July and August, a rise from 20 each day in the first half of the year.

The South East was the area worst hit in the first six months, suffering 215 net closures, with the second worst affected region being the West Midlands with 160 and the South West next with 129.

Manchester, Preston, Bristol, Croydon, Sheffield, Derby and Leicester were other areas to be badly hit by shop closures, with the study by the Local Data Company for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) revealing that toy shops, clothes stores, gift shops, jewellers, card shops and chain furniture shops are going in their droves.

The amount of town centre chain show closures rose to a net figure of 953 in the first six months (those stores shutting less those opening) given prominent administrations of retailers such as Game, Peacocks and Clintons. The net figures compared with 174 in the whole of 2011.

The collapsed retailers in recent months include 133 JJB Sports stores which will shut in spite of a deal to sell 20 to Sports Direct International.

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