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26-year-old pooch takes title of Britain's oldest dog

Friday December 18th 2015

An energetic Yorkshire terrier could be about to enter into the record books as Britain's oldest dog after hitting the ripe old age of 26.

Jack, who is a whopping 117 in dog years, is thought to have taken the title from 25-year-old Meg, a Jack russell that passed away last year.

But despite his advanced years, Jack is still surprisingly full of beans, with his owners saying his lively behaviour often means he is mistaken for a puppy.

Ray and Mary Bunn, of Hartlepool, County Durham, took Jack in 16 years ago from a neighbour who could not look after him.

They say the pooch quickly became a big part of their family, forming an instant bond with Mr Bunn in particular.

And Jack could even be about to take the eighth position on a list of the oldest dogs of all time, if his age is verified by the Guinness Book of World Records.

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