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25-year-old Australian cat found in Northern Ireland

Friday June 19th 2015

A cat that was microchipped in Australia has been found halfway around the world in Northern Ireland.

The find has baffled animal welfare officers, who have no explanation for how the moggie made the 12,000-mile journey.

And the mystery deepened when the cat's microchip revealed that he had also been found as a stray more than 500 miles away across the Irish Sea in London.

The data on the chip also indicates the ginger tabby, which has been nicknamed Ozzie by workers at an animal charity, is 25 years old - a full decade older than the average life expectancy of most cats.

Ozzie was picked up last week in County Armagh by volunteers at the Cats Protection charity before being taken to the vet for a check-up, where his microchip was discovered.

Gillian McMullen, from Cats Protection, said that the hunt is now on for the cat's original owners so that his incredible story can be pieced together.

She added that she had been in touch with the Australian Animal Register in the hope that it will be able to provide some clues to the cat's history.

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