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20 people chasing each job - study

Tuesday April 17th 2012

There is now an average of 20 people applying for every job in the UK - with some positions even attracting more than 50 applications, new figures suggest.

The average number of applications per job has risen from 15 to 20 over the past year, according to research by

Jobseekers in the North East of England face the stiffest competition with 23 applications for each post on the site over recent months, while areas such as Scotland and Wales have seen a "huge fall" in the number of posts becoming available.

Some sectors such as engineering, accountancy and aerospace have seen strong growth this year, according to the study, but there has been a "significant" year-on-year decline of 58% in the number of public sector jobs. director John Salt said: "At the tail end of 2011 we started to see a decline in the jobs market after a fairly buoyant start to the year. This slowdown has continued into 2012 with companies reluctant to take on more staff when the economy is teetering on the brink of a double dip recession."

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