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'20,000 graduates out of work'

Monday July 2nd 2012

More than 20,000 graduates were out of work after leaving university last year, while thousands more took jobs as labourers, cleaners and road sweepers, figures show.

The numbers of young people forced to take jobs that do not necessarily need a degree has almost doubled in the past five years, the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) data reveals.

Overall, almost one in 10 (9%) of university leavers - 20,620 in total - were assumed to be unemployed six months after completing their degree in 2010/11.

This is around the same proportion as the year before, but higher than around five years ago in 2006/07 when it stood at 5%.

The figures also reveal that women fared better than men.

Around 6% of women were understood to be out of work after graduating, compared to 9% of men.

The HESA statistics look at the types of jobs and careers students were in six months after leaving university.

As well as showing the numbers that were jobless, the figures reveal the numbers of young people who were forced to take jobs that do not necessarily require a degree.

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