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13 black cats looking for new home

Monday October 31st 2011

Black cats and the number 13 are often associated with bad luck. But an animal protection charity is hoping to dispel that myth by finding new homes for 13 black kittens found abandoned in a field in Norfolk just six days before Halloween.

The kittens will now be looked after at the Downham Market branch of national charity Cats Protection, where they will join more than 100 other felines looking for a new home.

Black cats, which have a long-standing association with witches and the supernatural, are often overlooked by potential owners because they are sometimes considered "less exciting" than other cats.

But Cats Protection is hoping that there will be a turnaround in fortune for the much-maligned moggies, which have been named after players from New Zealand's All Blacks rugby squad that recently celebrated victory at the Rugby World Cup.

All of the kittens have been vaccinated and vet-checked and will be neutered next week.

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