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  • What to Ask When Looking for a Dog Walker

    We know it’s not always possible for you to walk your dogs as often as you’d like, but your dogs shouldn’t have to miss out on their vital exercise as a consequence of your busy schedule.

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  • Pet Ownership Around The World

    Millions of households across the world consider their pets to be part of the family, and in recent years the number of households with pets has sky rocketed. But which countries have the biggest overall pet population?

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  • Keeping Your Pets Safe at Easter

    Beware of spring flowers:Some of the most popular plants around at Easter can actually be extremely harmful to your pets. The Easter lily is particularly dangerous for cats, and if ingested, can cause acute kidney failure which will often be fatal. This devastating effect can occur from the consumption of as little as a nibble on one or two petals from the plant. So if you have cats in your household, it is best to avoid buying this type of flower altogether.

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