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  • The Best Ways to Keep your Cat Entertained

    Dogs are easy to play games with and a simple walk or game of fetch can keep them entertained for hours. Cats, however, are more complicated, especially if they’re indoor animals. With that in mind, we look at a few ideas for games that will help to entertain your moggy and provide some mental stimulation…

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  • Are Workplace Pets a Good Idea?

    No matter where you work, the office can be stressful. High pressure often means that colleagues get snappy with each other, and worker morale goes down the drain. How to remedy this? Get a workplace pet! From reduced stress and anxiety to through-the-roof productivity, we take a look at the benefits of having a furry friend in the office.

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  • The Best Dog Walks in the UK

    There’s nothing better for you and your dog than taking a stroll through the countryside – weather permitting, of course. Whether you’re bored of your normal walk, or you’re going on holiday and need a new route, we count down some of the best ways for you to take a ramble with your pooch this summer.

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