Graeme's story

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Graeme's story

The 5th beneficiary of the Seven Families campaign has been announced on Moneysupermarket.

Last summer Graeme Snell was fit and healthy, working full-time as an advanced health and wellbeing practitioner. Then, one day in July, his life was thrown into turmoil when he suffered a double stroke that left him unable to earn a living. With no insurance to cover loss of income in the event of a serious illness or disability, he was left facing financial hardship on top of everything else.

Graeme, 42, from Greater Manchester, says: "My employer paid me sick pay until about three or four months ago. But since then I have only been getting statutory sick pay, which is less than £90 a week." When statutory sick pay comes to an end after 26 weeks of payment, a claimant has to apply for the Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), which pays a maximum of £108.15 after 13 weeks on a lower amount.

Disability Rights UK selected him to receive an income of £1,500 a month for one year from the 7 Families charity campaign, which is supported by Moneysupermarket, and also includes counselling and rehabilitation support.

Graeme said: "The money from 7 Families will be a great help. I don't know how I would manage otherwise. There are some ongoing symptoms but overall I'm keen to return to work as soon as possible. That's why the rehabilitation and support provided by the project are so important."

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