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Pet Insurance

I have had my pet insurance through helpucover for many years.

Over the last few years my cat Flash has become quite ill.

Firstly needing his Thyroid removed, then realising he had tumours in his lungs.

After deciding on Chemotherapy a couple of years ago he then became diabetic.

As you can see from the picture I have attached, I have fought tooth and nail to ensure his health is taken care of as he has been the most beautiful cat ever. Lately he had started to decline rapidly with Liver failure. My vet has also been wonderful in looking after him the best they could.

Sadly he passed away on Friday (28/02/14).

The reason for this email is that I cannot thank Helpucover enough for the way they have handled my claims over the years. I have never once had a claim disputed or taken more than 10 days to settle.

Even today when I contacted them to inform them that Flash had passed away and to cancel the policy the lady I spoke to (Laura) was absolutely lovely and said sorry for my loss.

It is awful when your pet is unwell without the added worry of how you will pay for their care. I never had to worry about the bills.

Thank you for making these tough years easier.

Kind regards

Janine Worthington
March 2014

Pet Insurance

When you have as many dogs as I do, you can face four times the veterinary expenses! Thank you helpucover for always being there and providing a professional and friendly service that has always put my pets first!

Mary Ann

January 2014

Pet Insurance

I have great peace of mind knowing Cizi is insured with helpucover. Only the other day when I took him to the vet I was not concerned that the bill might be high, just that he would be treated well and I had no need to worry on that score.

Suzie Friend

December 2013

Pet Insurance

Many thanks for the fast and efficient claim for my cat George. He's one of five including 2 Maine Coon's, but by far the wiliest of them all. He and 3 others are all rescue of one sort and another and although he is now missing one back toe he is doing fine. At the time it was a bit scary to see his toe so damaged but our wonderful vets and nurses came up trumps as usual.

Well here he is, looking just as he is....Thanks again....

Carol Williams

August 2013

Pet Insurance

We had our Italian Spinone Milo insured with helpucover from 5 months when he came to us as a rescue until he recently passed away at nearly 13. During his life he had problems with allergies which caused skin and ear infections and after several years he needed a very expensive ear operation all of which was covered with the insurance. In the last 3 years he was diagnosed with a terminal heart condition and arthritis for which he needed daily medication which totalled over £300 post month but again were all covered. Having such good insurance has meant that we could have the best treatment for Milo without cost being a consideration which is an enormous relief when your friend is ill and you have enough to worry about.

When we got our Newfoundland puppy 3 1/2 years ago it was obvious that we should insure him with you too. It has turned out that despite all of the correct checks he has hip and elbow dysplasia, so with x-rays, medication and hydrotherapy and recently being diagnosed with various allergies that cause repeated eye infections, we have one again been very grateful to have insurance! If you have big dogs like us then good insurance is essential as most treatments are based on weight so a simple infection can cost hundreds. We have always had claims settled quickly and easily and have never had any quibble which is unusual with insurance companies nowadays!

We will soon be looking at getting another puppy and will once again be choosing helpucover to give us peace of mind that they will too be able to have the best treatment should they need it.

Julie Miller

August 2013

Pet Insurance

Bertie has been part of our family for nearly three years.

I took out insurance with because I wanted peace of mind should Bertie need any treatment.

Bertie is a happy and friendly dog and I must admit I assumed that I would not need to make a claim as he is so full of beans, happy and healthy!

How wrong I was. Bertie is lucky that he walks in the woods each day with my sister's four dogs. Last Christmas, Bertie was suddenly attacked, with no warning, by a Rottweiler. IT was absolutely terrifying. Thanks to my sister's quick thinking we were able to save Bertie and immediately took him to our vet. Poor Bertie spent Christmas feeling very sorry for himself while his wounds healed... The bill for that incident was almost £500 which paid for within days. The people I spoke with were so empathetic as I was upset on the phone.

Bertie recovered only to be attacked again by another dog, another unprovoked ambush whilst we were out walking. Again Bertie needed treatment from the Vet, once again, helpucover paid my claim with no quibbles.

I cannot recommend helpucover enough. I never expected this to happen to us and you have shown me that Bertie will be properly looked after for life.

Thank you helpucover from me and Bertie!

Alison Lancaster

August 2013

Pet Insurance

When my little dog Doogal took unwell 5-6 years ago I was devastated. He was such a gentle, loving pet who never complained about anything. Fortunately I have a wonderful vet who saved his life and looked after him and gave him the best medical attention I could have hoped for.

I had taken out insurance with helpucover right from the time I owned him at a few weeks old. I can only say that it was one of the best decisions I have made.

Every one in helpucover have been so friendly, courteous and above all been sympathetic during the whole time Doogal was unwell. Any time I had a query it was answered quickly and efficiently.

When Doogal's illness became terminal in April of this year I was distraught with worry over the thought that he would suffer for a long time, however that was not to be. Out vet and his nursing staff did all in their power to save and were extremely upset when he had to be put to sleep.

When I contacted the helpucover office and explained everything what had happened, the staff were so understanding and sympathetic to my loss. The helpucover team did everything to make sure that any bills were paid on time and took the financial worry right off my shoulders.

There is no doubt in my mind that in this day of fierce competition for pet insurance that helpucover stands out head and shoulders above the rest. I will recommend helpucover to all and sundry that needs to take out pet insurance.

Betty Cochrane

June 2013