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Pet Insurance

Help u cover are fantastic they have looked after my British Bulldog Bella, who suffers with epilepsy, for the past year. They never quibble with any of my insurance claims and they pay very speedily.

There is no stress at all I am never out of pocket, I can't say enough about you, you have been great and I thank you so much.

Helen Heath provided by

July 2016

Pet Insurance

Service was excellent and I felt that my pet was important, not just a number. Everyone was very kind at a difficult time for a pet owner. The payment reached me very quickly and my dog is doing well because of the treatment, which would have been difficult to afford without insurance.

I would certainly recommend helpucover's pet insurance and I will stay with them.

Catherine Bowness provided by

July 2016

Pet Insurance

Read what Emma our lovely pet insurance customer has to say

I wanted to say a big thank you to the team at helpucover.

My dear cat Layla was hit by a car and injured very badly. helpucover paid over 2000 in specialist vet care to try and save my Layla. Sadly we had to let her go as her injuries were too bad. Not only did helpucover pay the initial fee, they also paid the purchase price of Layla back to me as well as a later bill of another £400 without hesitation. Their letters even say how sorry they are to hear of the loss of the pet and that they hope you are recovering well. Nothing can bring back my precious cat but knowing you're insured with a great company takes the strain off during difficult times.

Thank you for all your help,

March 2016

I decided to use helpucover to protect Wilbur because of the fantastic service I already received with my last cat Layla. helpucover paid out thousands to help me during a difficult time when Layla got injured in a RTA. helpucover provides excellent customer service and support when you need it most - so I knew Wilbur would be safely covered if ever the worst should happen.

March 2016

Pet Insurance

I have had my pet insurance through helpucover for many years.

Over the last few years my cat Flash has become quite ill.

Firstly needing his Thyroid removed, then realising he had tumours in his lungs.

After deciding on Chemotherapy a couple of years ago he then became diabetic.

As you can see from the picture I have attached, I have fought tooth and nail to ensure his health is taken care of as he has been the most beautiful cat ever. Lately he had started to decline rapidly with Liver failure. My vet has also been wonderful in looking after him the best they could.

Sadly he passed away on Friday (28/02/14).

The reason for this email is that I cannot thank helpucover enough for the way they have handled my claims over the years. I have never once had a claim disputed or taken more than 10 days to settle.

Even today when I contacted them to inform them that Flash had passed away and to cancel the policy the lady I spoke to (Laura) was absolutely lovely and said sorry for my loss.

It is awful when your pet is unwell without the added worry of how you will pay for their care. I never had to worry about the bills.

Thank you for making these tough years easier.

Kind regards

Janine Worthington
March 2014

Pet Insurance

When you have as many dogs as I do, you can face four times the veterinary expenses! Thank you helpucover for always being there and providing a professional and friendly service that has always put my pets first!

Mary Ann

January 2014

Pet Insurance

I have great peace of mind knowing Cizi is insured with helpucover. Only the other day when I took him to the vet I was not concerned that the bill might be high, just that he would be treated well and I had no need to worry on that score.

Suzie Friend

December 2013