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Affiliates FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions 

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    Is my web site suitable for AFFILIATE status?

    Almost everybody buys insurance so almost every website* has the potential to make successful web-link referrals!

    A quick discussion with our Affiliate Manager will establish which helpucover products will complement the context and content of your website. If requested, we can also suggest how your end of the 'Affiliate link' might be presented to best effect.

    NOTE : * Websites that will not be considered for Affiliation include those that promote discrimination based on race, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or physical disability; sites that contain or promote pornography, violence, hatred or illegal activities; sites that infringe copyright or intellectual property rights. Pinnacle Insurance plc reserves the right to refuse admission to the helpucover Affiliate Programme without explanation or justification.

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    Will my website be technically compatible?

    We rarely have any technical problems when linking with an Affiliate website. Once implemented, your unique URL will launch the main helpucover Affiliate site with a unique referrer code.

    We are happy to discuss any particular technical requirements should you wish to implement additional functionality that complements the composition and operation of your website.

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    What products will my AFFILIATE referrals be purchasing?

    We will pay you generous commissions on the following first class Personal Insurance products:

    • Pet Insurance
    • Life Insurance
    • Gadget & Mobile Phone Insurance
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    How much AFFILIATE commission will helpucover pay me?

    There is NO LIMIT to your Affiliate commission potential!

    A quick discussion with our Affiliate Manager will establish which products will complement the context and content of your website and maximize your web-link earnings.

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    How and when are helpucover AFFILIATES paid?

    Commissions for referral-sourced policies are paid by the end of the month following policy inception. helpucover Affiliates receive a monthly statement detailing each successful referral and consequent product sale.

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    How do I know I get paid for successful AFFILIATE referrals?

    Each helpucover Affiliate is assigned a unique referral tracking number that is embedded into the Affiliate web-link. All new helpucover Affiliates also receive an agreement detailing the commissions, benefits and terms and conditions of the new business relationship. Affiliates are free to terminate the agreement and remove their link at any time, without penalty or loss of commission.

    We have a vested interest in the success of our helpucover Affiliates. The more commissions you earn, the more insurance policies we are selling!