Sports Injury Insurance

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Our low cost Sports Injury Protection cover comes with a wide range of benefits:

Sports Injury Insurance

Sports Injury Insurance provides benefits for a range of Sports Accidents. Depending on the level you choose, you could be entitled to receive the following benefits:

  • Up to £10,000 a year for Dental Accident
  • A cash lump sum of up to £2,000 for a broken bone
  • Up to £1,000 towards physiotherapy costs
  • Up to £25 for each night you are in hospital
  • Up to £750 a month Income Replacement benefit for 3 months if your injury keeps you off work
  • Affordable Sports Injury Insurance to help you get back on your feet

See how much you could be covered for

If you suffer an accidental bodily injury during the term of your Sports Injury Insurance policy, helpucover will pay you the benefits detailed below.

Sports Accident benefits table
Table of Benefits Bronze Silver Gold
A fracture(s) of:
Hip or pelvis (excluding coccyx); £1,000 £1,500 £2,000
Leg (including heel and ankle but excluding kneecap), collar-bone, arm (including wrist and elbow) or skull (including jaw, nose and cheekbone); £500 £750 £1,000
Shoulder-blade, hand (excluding fingers) or foot (excluding toes and heel). £400 £600 £800
A dislocation of:
Spine or hip £500 £750 £1,000
Knee, ankle, collar-bone, elbow, wrist (excluding fingers) £250 £375 £500
Any other joint requiring general anaesthetic or traction £150 £225 £300
Torn ligaments £200 £300 £500
Loss of Sight £5,000 per eye subject to a maximum of £10,000 in total under this policy. £5,000 per eye subject to a maximum of £10,000 in total under this policy. £5,000 per eye subject to a maximum of £10,000 in total under this policy.
Physiotherapy Benefit *
For accidental bodily injury, which subject to referral by your doctor, requires physiotherapy we will pay 75% of costs up to a maximum per policy year of: £250 £500 £1,000
Dental Cover *
For accidental bodily injury requiring Dental Accident we will pay 100% of costs up to a maximum of: £2,500 per incident
£10,000 per policy year
£2,500 per incident
£10,000 per policy year
£2,500 per incident
£10,000 per policy year
Hospital Cash Benefit
For accidental bodily injury requiring treatment in hospital, a cash benefit is payable for each night you spend in hospital, payable for a maximum of 10 consecutive nights per claim and 21 nights per policy year: £10
per night
per night
per night
Income Replacement *
If an accidental bodily injury for which we have paid benefits as detailed in this table above, means you are unfit for work for 7 consecutive days or more, we will pay from the 8th day onwards, 1/30th of the monthly benefit for each continuous day you remain unfit for work. This will be paid monthly in arrears up to a maximum of 3 monthly benefit payments. £250
per month

per policy year
per month

per policy year
per month

per policy year

Note: Payment of the benefit will depend upon you providing us with the necessary information regarding your accidental bodily injury and the surrounding circumstances

* For physiotherapy and dental benefits we will require a detailed receipt with the completed claim form confirming the treatment undertaken. The physiotherapist or dentist confirming your treatment must be qualified, practising and registered with the appropriate professional governing body.

* For Income Replacement benefits, regardless of whether you are working or not, you must be certified by a doctor as being medically unfit to work.

For fracture benefits only one benefit payment will be paid per specified body part per accidental bodily injury. For example, an accidental bodily injury resulting in one or more fractures to one or more bones in the leg would receive one benefit payment in total and not one benefit payment per fracture or per fractured bone.

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